We understand the problems faced at Health Centers where record keeping is a challenge due to limited infrastructure. To address this, the system can capture data OFFLINE in DIGITAL PEN and a laptop or a tab. All patient visits can be recorded offline and they will sync with a centralized server on a daily/weekly basis.

Facilities with multiple centers can be on-boarded on a central system. Data from all the devices from each individual facility can be consolidated.

How it works?

DigiPrescribe EMR

DigiPrescribe is a platform that streamlines the complexities involved in record-keeping of prescriptions in digital format. DigiPrescribe leverages the power of EMR and Digital Transcription in one product. It uses a smartpen with revolutionary NCode technology, that can capture handwritten text on paper and digitizes it without any extra effort.

With DigiPrescribe, NCODE combined with an EMR system (DigiPrescribe EMR), would enable an institution to implement a system, that will digitize the prescriptions as they are written by doctors on papers into the EMR system. The foundation of this system are the two major components as outlined below:

DigiPrescribe EMR
DigiPrescribe SmartPen and DigiPrescribe NCode Prescription

Doctors will be provided with a digital pen and they will be writing on digital paper. The digital paper would be coded and can identify where the prescription should go into and it will associate the prescription with the patient record. All this happens WITHOUT ANY PROCESS CHANGES for the physician.


  • Electronic Medical Record System
  • OPD Management System
  • IPD Management System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Lab & Diagnostic Management System
  • Management Dashboard
  • Inventory Management System
  • Integration and Interfaces


  • Unique Pattern of tiny dots called NCode
  • Patterns Work like a GPS for smart pen
  • Takes notes with smartpen on digital paper
  • Doctors specific prescription format can be used and converted to use NCode


  • Designed to write like a conventional pen
  • Traditional writing experience and digital convenience
  • Ergonomic design
  • Slim, light and durable
  • CPU, IR Camera, USB, Bluetooth, Li-Polymer battery
  • Aluminium and stainless body to make it scratch resistant
  • Works offline
  • Seamlessly capture data
  • Can save upto 1000 pages